Defining Your DAM Team

As argued elsewhere, attention must be paid to DAM staffing alongside any system selection or evaluation. As a result, I am frequently asked some variation of the question “who should be on my company’s DAM team?”. Rather, I would ask “what skills should my team possess and how many of these people are needed to … [Read more…]

Do Folksonomies Belong in Your DAM?

Most of us rely on tags to organize our personal files on our computers and social media sites. I wonder, though, whether social tagging – the collaborative act of tagging digital content with user-generated terms – has a place in the world of enterprise DAM. Social tagging is a contentious issue, especially in the DAM … [Read more…]

Are You a Digital Asset Hoarder or a Digital Curator?

Some digital asset managers are having an identity crisis: should we be completists or discerning collectors? Can we be both? Why this should matter to us As storage costs continue to drop we are encouraged to store everything. To keep up, companies will need to invest more and more money to manage this digital content. … [Read more…]