Apr 102015
Digital Asset Management is a Service-Oriented Profession

Service is one of the central values of a digital asset management. The goal of a DAM professional should be to connect people with the assets they need to do their job. Ranganathan once wrote, a library is “an instrument of universal education, and assembles together and freely distributes all the tools of education and […]

Jan 252015
How Do You Evaluate A DAM System's User Interface?

Users will steer clear of an interface that is confusing or inefficient to use (Thurow, 2009). Conducting usability tests are a great way to uncover areas that may stand in the way of user adoption. A heuristic evaluation measures an interface’s compliance with widely recognized principles (Kalbach, 2007). Currently, the two most popular sets of standards […]

Jan 012015
Reflections of a First-Year DAM Professional

December 2014 marks the end of my first twelve months as a DAM professional and the beginning of my career with a Master of Library and Information Science (MLIS) degree. I wanted to commemorate these milestones with a blog post that describes some of my experiences. Readers have asked me what it is like working […]