MLIS graduates, the world needs you!

 Posted by on July 21, 2014
Jul 212014
MLIS graduates, the world needs you!

Although libraries can be excellent and worthwhile places to work, I recommend that MLIS grads consider seeking work beyond the library’s doors because there is a strong need for their skills. Do Master of Library and Information Science (MLIS) graduates belong in libraries? SOME WOULD ANSWER ‘YES’ Perhaps this misconception is encouraged by the name […]

Statement of Core Values

 Posted by on June 25, 2014
Jun 252014
Statement of Core Values

Digital asset management is quickly establishing itself as a profession, yet there remain companies and institutions that still need help understanding what we do and the value we provide. As others have stated (Keathley, 2014; de Gyor, 2013) managing assets is an ongoing effort that must be done by experienced and dedicated professionals. As part […]

May 222014
Plussing Your Video Doesn't Necessarily Mean Going Supersize

On the heels of Romney Whitehead’s call to adopt a ‘curate before create’ attitude, I make the case for video producers to think before they shoot in the latest high resolution format. Yes, I’m looking at you 4K (I see 5K nodding its head in the wings). When will the race to be the first to […]

May 032014
Cheerleader Versus Used-Car Salesman

VERSUS What assumed role best encourages user adoption of a DAM system: cheerleader or used-car salesman? A cheerleader encourages adoption by promoting the DAM system’s benefits and cheers those that have been using it wisely. A used car salesman tries to persuade others by false promises: “Don’t worry, the system is flawless and won’t require […]